Anomaly Monitors via the API

If you are an enterprise-level customer, you can create an anomaly detection monitor via the API with the standard create-monitor API endpoint if you add the "anomalies" function to the monitor query. The query will then follow this formula:

time_aggr(time_window):anomalies(space_aggr:metric{tags}, 'algorithm_used', deviation_number, direction='both/above/below') >= threshold_value

Acceptable algorithm values are basic, agile, robust, or adaptive.

Note that anomaly detection monitors may only be used by enterprise-level customer subscriptions. If you have a pro-level customer subscription and would like to use the anomaly detection monitoring feature, you can reach out to your customer success representative or email our billing team to discuss that further. 



If you wanted to create an anomaly detection monitor to notify you when your average cassandra node's cpu was three standard deviations above the ordinary value for 80% of the time over the last 5 minutes, you could use the following query in your API call:

avg(last_5m):anomalies(avg:system.cpu.system{name:cassandra}, 'basic', 3, direction='above') >= 0.8
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