What user roles does Datadog offer?

Datadog offers three user roles that determine the level of access a user has to features within the app. These roles can be set at the time of invite from the Team page or via the API. They can be modified by an Administrator at any time.

Administrator - The Administrator role provides complete access to Datadog. This includes creating/modifying/deleting dashboards, monitors and integrations.  Exclusive Administrator role capabilities include: Plan changes, access to usage history, API key creation, SAML configuration, as well as being able to request beta features by contacting Support. Additionally, you may limit specific dashboards and monitors to be editable to Admin users only. 
Standard - The Standard role provides access to most of Datadog full capabilities with the exception of creating API keys, configuring SAML and requesting beta features to be enabled on the Datadog Account.  
Read-Only - The Read-Only role provides view access to all dashboards and monitors, but does not allow the user to view any integrations or keys.
Below are some examples of how some of our customers today leverage these roles.  
One example of leveraging the Read-Only role could be for Help Desk Staff that are part of a level 1 triage to ensure they can at the the very least, view the status of their Applications and Infrastructure.  
Another example could be an Application Owner / Engineer that needs to create dashboards and/or monitors to be consumed by other team members.  Since the creation or modification of Dashboards and Monitors could affect reactiveness and efficiency to all responsible for maintaining an application or infrastructure, this role should be limited to those individuals authorized to make these kinds of changes.  
An example of a user that would have an Administrator role assigned could be considered a point of contact for the entire Datadog account.  This type of user would be responsible for enabling items such as SAML and the creation of API keys.  This user is also a source of truth in regards to authorizing beta features within the Datadog account.  This role should be limited to only the individuals that could authorize these types of changes as they could impact the user experience for all Datadog Accounts.  
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