Reduce Docker Health-Check Event Spam

Out of the box, our docker integration captures events that reflect the health of your containers--they look something like this: 

As that example demonstrates, these events can be overwhelming and are sometimes not very helpful. If you'd like to stop the events from appearing altogether, you can do so by adding the --no-healthcheck flag to your docker run command that installs the containerized dd-agent (available here).

Sometimes some of these health-checks will be important though. If you'd like to still monitor your docker container health checks but without these high-volume events, you can do so by adding the health_service_check_whitelist option to your docker_daemon.yaml, as described in our example configuration here. Then the health checks will be collected on the whitelisted containers as service checks, which you can observe in a Screenboard's "Check Status" widget, or alert on with a "custom check" monitor

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