Built a network monitor on an http check.

Once you have created an HTTP check with your Datadog Agent, you might want to monitor it on your Datadog application


To build a Network monitor on an http check you need to:

1 - Create a network monitor: Monitor > New monitor

1bis - Select "Network check" monitor:

2 - Enter your network monitor setting:

Don't forget to select the threshold values for your monitor

3 - Configure the 4 - "Say what's happening" section to receive the correct notification.

Find more about this here

Note: Contrary to metric monitor it's not possible to get alerted after the endpoint is unavailable for X min. Instead you can only be alert after 5 max consecutive bad statuses. Unless a high timeout value is used in the agent config, if a site goes down this translates into 5 * ~15-20 seconds (agent collection period) i.e. 1min30 without data.




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