Docker, ECS, & Kubernetes Events


Container Integration Events

Customers monitoring containers and orchestrators (Docker, ECS & Kubernetes) will be familiar with the events that are available once an integration has been enabled and respective configuration steps followed.

As a customer’s containerized environment grows, containers and orchestrators will start emitting a high volume of events that will lead to more noise in the events stream, monitors and overlays.

To ensure that customers do not have to worry about the eventual noise, events provided by default will be limited to only severe and important events listed below. If further access is needed to any other events in a specific integration, please reach out to to have these events enabled for your organization.

Docker, ECS & Kubernetes Integration Details

The events below will be available per integration:


  • Delete Image
  • Die
  • Error
  • Fail
  • Kill
  • Out of memory (oom)
  • Pause
  • Restart container
  • Restart Daemon
  • Update


  • Drain
  • Error
  • Fail
  • Out of memory
  • Pending
  • Reboot
  • Terminate


  • Backoff
  • Conflict
  • Delete
  • DeletingAllPods
  • Didn't have enough resource
  • Error
  • Failed
  • FailedCreate
  • FailedDelete
  • FailedMount
  • FailedSync
  • Failedvalidation
  • FreeDiskSpaceFailed
  • HostPortConflict
  • InsufficientFreeCPU
  • InsufficientFreeMemory
  • InvalidDiskCapacity
  • Killing
  • KubeletsetupFailed
  • NodeNotReady
  • NodeoutofDisk
  • OutofDisk
  • Rebooted
  • TerminatedAllPods
  • Unable
  • Unhealthy

To access and utilize these events in Datadog, you can use the following three methods:

  • Events stream
  • Monitors
  • Event overlays on graphs
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