What data from my sub-organizations can I see in my parent account?

Datadog provides options to access system metrics, monitor alerts & multiple cloud accounts across multiple sub-organizations in the parent account as described below.

  • Cross-Org viewer: Allows a Parent account to be associated with any number of child organizations. These child organizations will automatically forward all system metrics to their Parent account. To enable the cross-org viewer, simply email the Datadog support team.
  • Monitor alerts can also be forwarded to the Parent account through the configuration of the Webhooks integration in the child organization combined with the Datadog Events API. For e.g.: One such webhook configuration would reach out to https://app.datadoghq.com/api/v1/events?api_key=<API_KEY> (the API_KEY associated with the parent account to which the event will be posted)
  • Access to multiple cloud accounts: Parent accounts can also access the AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud accounts for each of their child organizations through their respective cloud providers’ integrations. Combined with the above Cross-Org viewer this will allow for a more federated setup across multiple teams, users, and groups within Datadog.
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