Locating and interacting with local Integrations

While SaaS Integrations like AWS, PagerDuty and Google Cloud Platform will run as part of the Datadog service, other integrations such as those used for your on-premises applications will require an agent to be run on your servers to process and submit their events and metrics to us.

To interact with the integrations, you can locate them in the following locations:







For reference, the contents of conf.d should look something like what's found here.

To activate the integrations, simply copy them to retain the original contents and remove "example" from the name so that the Datadog Agent will process them with the other checks.

It's worth noting that the Windows Integrations may be interacted with by the editing the YAML files same as they would for any of the other OS's or you can launch the Datadog Agent Manager which provides a built in editor along with service controls and a log viewer. If the Datadog Agent Manager is used, there is no need to rename the YAML files, simply enabling the integrations and restarting the Windows Service is all that's required.

For troubleshooting integrations, go here.

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