What do @ notifications do in Datadog?

When you create an event in Datadog you can also use @ to notify users via the API or UI. There are also a set of reserved addresses which may be used to contact Datadog or all members of your account.


  • @support-datadog – this will reach Datadog support directly when posted in your stream.
  • @all – this will send a notification to all members of your organization.
  • @someonesname – this will notify the specific user named ‘someonesname’.
  • @test@test.com this will send an email to test@test.com.

Furthermore, if you have HipChat, Slack, Webhooks, Pagerduty or VictorOps you can use:

  • @hipchat-[room-name] or @slack-[room-name] – posts the event or graph to that chat room.
  • @webhook – alerts or triggers whatever is attached to that webhook. Check out this blogpost on Webhooks!
  • @pagerduty or @oncall – sends an alert to Pagerduty. You can also use @pagerduty-acknowledgeand @pagerduty-resolve.

Note that an @-notification in a comment will not send an email to the user posting that comment. So, you cannot @-notify yourself in a comment, but configuring an @-notification to yourself will still work in a monitor message.

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