How do I search events posted to Datadog?

Your query runs a full text search of events and their comments. You can also target certain event properties, such as the event source or status, by using the following search prefixes:

  • Find all events with comments by

  • sources:github,chef Show events from Github and Chef.

  • tags:env-prod,db Show events tagged with #env-prod AND #db.

  •, Show events from OR

  • status:error Show only error status events. (supports: 'error', 'warning', 'success')

  • priority:low Show only low-priority events. (supports: 'low' or 'normal'. defaults to 'all')

  • incident:claimed Show only claimed incidents. (supports: 'open', 'claimed', 'resolved', or 'all')

Prefixes can easily be combined to make much more complex searches. For example, if you wanted to find all open chef or nagios errors that mention cassandra, you'd have a search like:

sources:nagios,chef status:error cassandra .

Note: no spaces after the colon or commas in these lists and anything not attached to a prefix goes to full text search.

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