How do I overlay events onto my dashboards?

You can correlate Events to Metrics on Dashboards thanks to the Event Overlay Feature. 


Via the UI Editor : 


Via the JSON tab : 


In addition to being able to overlay events within the UI dashboard editor through the search field, you can also modify the JSON to add any event from Datadog. The general format is:

"events": "search query"

For instance, to indicate that you want events for host X and tag Y:

"events": "host:X tags:Y"

or if you’re looking to display all errors:

"events": "status:error"


Events related to Template Variables:

Template variables bring flexibility into Dashboarding, see guide here.

Let's say you have the following template variable : 

You'll be able to use the Event Overlay feature using the following syntax

"events": "tags:$availability-zone"
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