How do I change the frequency of an agent check?

We typically recommend not adjusting the default frequency of an agent check, however, this may be achieved by adding a new parameter to your integrations YAML configuration.

For example, if you need to run an http check every 60 seconds rather than the default 15 seconds, add the following to the http_check.yaml config file:

min_collection_interval: 60

You can add this parameter at the init_config level or at the instance level.

For Agent 6: this can only be listed under instance level, not init_config.

Note: the agent runs every 15 seconds and this parameter makes the agent not collect new instance data unless data was collected for the same instance more than min_collection_interval seconds ago. This only works for values > 15, it's not possible to have the agent collect data more frequently this way.

Note: As of version 5.14 of the Datadog Agent, the min_collection_interval parameter is available for Java based checks (jmx.yaml, cassandra.yaml, tomcat.yaml, solr.yaml, activemq.yaml, activemq_xml.yaml).

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