Is it possible to submit events via email?

Yes! To get started you need to go the API tab in the settings page and create one or more API emails. For a monitoring tool that does not allow you to edit the body of the email you need to create a plain-text email and have that system or tool send alarms or notifications to this email. For systems that allow you to edit the content of the notification emails, you may use a JSON email. In the body of an email sent to a JSON API email you need to include a well formatted JSON event request as per our existing events API (which you can find more details about here).

Here is an example:

"title": “Raid is low on Disk Space",
"text": "It looks like the rawls extract machines are running out of disk space. This is an issue because it relies on buffering the metrics data to disk.",
"priority": "normal",
"tags": ["test", "disk", "raid"],
"alert_type": "warning"

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