Function Example - Visualize the differences in applying various smoothing techniques

Smoothing functions, as the name implies, allows you to smooth or filter your data to help reduce noise and more easily see patterns.

Datadog offers the following smoothing functions:

  • Median
  • EWMA_3 (Exponentially Weighted Moving Average with a span of 3)
  • EWMA_5
  • EWMA_10
  • EWMA_20

Here are examples of the same dataset with each of the smoothing functions applied:

If you'd like to make your data even smoother than what's offered above, it's possibly to stack functions. Here is an example of EWMA_20 applied to the data twice:

To achieve this you can use something like the following:

"viz": "timeseries",
"requests": [
"q": "ewma_20(ewma_20(avg:redis.latency_ms{*}))",
"type": "line"
"markers": []


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