Why aren't my Monitor template variables displaying the correct value?

There are two possible scenarios, the first thing to check is if it's a Multi-Alert or a Simple Alert?

Based on the type of alert, please review the two sections below:

Simple Alert

Most template variables are only available for multi-alerts.

For instance, template variables like {{host.name}} will not work with a Simple Alert monitor for instance such as: system.cpu.system{role:example}

The reason being that this query represents your cpu.system across all hosts, and they are potentially more than one host reporting system.cpu.system in the cluster defined by the tag 'role:example'. Note that the dynamically generated list of available template variables will update depending on how the monitor has been scoped. For example, a Multi-Alert averaged by host will enable (only) host.* template variables. 

While tag variables are only available in Multi-Alerts, conditional variables are always available in Simple Alerts. You can find more information in our Monitoring Guide: http://docs.datadoghq.com/guides/monitoring/#


If your Monitor is a Multi-Alert and template variables are not instantiated in the Event Stream, this is likely related to our event aggregation.

In Datadog we aggregate similar events together to help bring clarity to the Event Stream and not produce a wall of noise.

For instance all alert events coming from the same Monitor are rolled up under a summary event.

While every individual child event has its template variables instantiated, the summary event displayed at the top level will show a general message (with "{{host.name}}" etc.), as it potentially represents several triggered events with different template variable values.

If neither scenario appears applicable please reach out to support@datadoghq.com with more details about your issues.

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