Troubleshooting JMX Integrations

To verify you have access to JMX please test using JConsole or equivalent if possible. If you're unable to connect using JConsole this article may help to get you sorted. Also, if the metrics listed in your YAML aren't 1:1 with those listed in JConsole you'll need to correct this.

If you're able to connect using JConsole please run the following:

java -jar /opt/datadog-agent/agent/checks/libs/jmxterm-1.0-DATADOG-uber.jar -l localhost:PORT -u USER -p PASSWORD

If you're able to connect using the command above run: beans

Please send us a copy of the results from above along with:

  • Agent logs
  • Output of the info command
  • Output of: ps aux | grep jmxfetch
  • /var/log/datadog/jmxfetch.log
  • Output of: sudo /etc/init.d/datadog-agent jmx list_everything
  • A copy of the YAML integration - please send the file

Note, if you're able to see some metrics (jvm.heap_memory, jvm.non_heap_memory, etc.) it is a sign that JMXFetch is properly running, in this scenario the likely issue is connected to a misconfiguration in your YAML if you're targeting another application.

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