Troubleshooting - Browser Issues

If you're seeing unexpected results in the Datadog app such as missing data or blank graphs/widgets, try the following checklist to troubleshoot the issue:

  • Check if you have the same issue using incognito mode/private browsing
  • Open your browser console to see whether there are any errors in the Network tab
  • Check if you have the same issue using a different browser
  • Ask teammates to check their accounts from their machines and confirm whether they can reproduce the issue
  • Log in to your account from a different machine to see whether the issue persists
  • Check to make sure your system clock is not significantly offset from NTP
  • Are you experiencing this from multiple locations? Can you send the output of:
    • traceroute
    • tracepath
  • Is this dashboard specific? Using Chrome browser, please do the following:
    • Select View->Developer->Developer Tools
    • Click on the Network tab of the new window that opens
    • Load the dashboard experiencing issues
    • After the page has loaded, right click on the results that show up and select "Save as HAR with content"
    • Save the file as an attachment and send to us

In most of the scenarios above, the root cause of the issue is very likely related to a browser extension, outdated browser, or something similar.

If you continue to have issues, please contact for assistance, to help expedite your issue please include:

  • Results of the above tests
  • A screenshot of your issue
  • A link to the page in question
  • Extensions you're running
  • Browser version
  • OS versions



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