What is the difference between a ScreenBoard and a TimeBoard?

At Datadog we give you the capability to create and customize two types of dashboards; ScreenBoards and TimeBoards. To more clearly understand the differences between the two, please consider the following:


  • All graphs are always scoped to the same time:

  • Graphs will always appear in a grid-like fashion. This makes them generally better for troubleshooting and correlation. Graphs from a TimeBoard can be shared individually


  • These are flexible, far more customizable and are great for getting a high-level look into a system. They are created with drag-and-drop widgets, which can each have a different time frame.
  • ScreenBoards can be shared as a whole live and as a read-only entity, whereas TimeBoards cannot

How do I create one?

You can select which of these you would prefer to create after clicking 'New Dashboard' in the 'Dashboards' dropdown.


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