For SNMP, does Datadog have a list of commonly used/compatible OIDs?

For Cisco devices, you can use the command:
show snmp-server oidlist
to see the available OIDs for your system: 
Linux OIDs (these tend to work for network devices like F5 too)
CPU Statistics 
1 minute Load: .
5 minute Load: .
15 minute Load: .
percentage of user CPU time: .
raw user cpu time: .
percentages of system CPU time: .
raw system cpu time: .
percentages of idle CPU time: .
raw idle cpu time: .
raw nice cpu time: .
Memory Statistics
Total Swap Size: .
Available Swap Space: .
Total RAM in machine: .
Total RAM used: .
Total RAM Free: .
Total RAM Shared: .
Total RAM Buffered: .
Total Cached Memory: .
Disk Statistics 
Path where the disk is mounted: .
Path of the device for the partition: .
Total size of the disk/partion (kBytes): .
Available space on the disk: .
Used space on the disk: .
Percentage of space used on disk: .
Percentage of inodes used on disk: .
System Uptime: .
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