Send status in agent custom checks

By default the datadog agent sends one service check status for each check enabled. For instance, the nginx check collects 4 status: 1 for each instance of the check (3) + 1 for the check itself. At the moment this 'check status' cannot be used in Datadog, but this is something that we could do in the future.

If your custom check code explicitly sends a service check status (like our ssh_check or the nginx check) you will be able to find it in the 'Custom check' section of the monitors.

To submit a status within your custom agent check you can use the following syntax:

from checks import AgentCheck


if everything_works_well:

    self.service_check('<NAME OF YOUR STATUS>', 0)


    self.service_check('<NAME OF YOUR STATUS>', 2)

You'll find more information about the service_check function here and more information about status check there.

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