Is it possible to alert on breached threshold by percentage of utilization? For example, alert when 50% of memory has been used or 80% of disk space is used?

Yes, this can be done! Here is an example for creating a disk space in use alert when at 80% or above:

  1. Select a percentage metric like “system.disk.in_use” ("system.mem.pct_usable" is also reported as a percentage)
  2. For your alert conditions, select "Above" and for the value put 0.8
  3. Add a custom message for the alert if you’d like

Your Monitor should look similar to:

You can read more about setting up Monitors here.

If you aren't working with a percentage based metric but would like to, for example, compare two values such as "jvm.heap_memory" to "jvm.heap_memory_max" and notify when heap memory of your Java virtual machine gets low, you can use advanced queries in the monitor editor:

  1. In the monitor editor, go to the 'Source' tab
  2. Use arithmetic to combine both metrics into a ratio: `avg:jvm.heap_memory{*}/avg:jvm.heap_memory_max{*}`
  3. Set up your alert conditions, message and notifications as usual

Should you want to set up a multi-alert to have one alert triggered for each group defined by the tag 'group', you can do arithmetic with grouped metrics:

`jvm.heap_memory{*} by {group}/jvm.heap_memory_max{*} by {group}`


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