Duplicate Hosts for Google Cloud Engine

Update of the hostname on agents running on Google Cloud Engine instances

Prior to Agent 5.5.0, we used instance name as a unique hostname for GCE hosts.

However, this becomes an issue when people ran instances with the same name over different projects, as Datadog will consider those as one unique host.

Instead, a more reliable behavior is to use the instance hostname as the hostname, as this is unique across all projects which is the method we adopted beginning with 5.5.0.

Release process

Datadog's GCE integration relies on the hostname to link agent's data with API's data retrieved by our crawler. For this reason, it's important to update the hostname on the agent and in Datadog at the same time.

See the PR and issue for more details

Known issues

If you've updated your GCE host(s) to Agent 5.5 without contacting us, you'll see a duplicate host in your Infrastructure List - this will not impact your billing, it's only a visual nuisance. Please email support@datadoghq.com and we'll enable a feature to disable the duplicate host.



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