How can I schedule downtimes for a monitor?

There may be occasions where you would like to schedule a downtime for one or more of your monitors in Datadog. This is possible thanks to our "Manage Downtime" option that can be found on your "Monitors" page. 

By clicking into "Schedule Downtime" you can bring up the following page:


Here you can choose the scope you would like to schedule a downtime over. Downtiming (global muting by scope) allows you to silence Datadog alerting by tag over a scheduled time interval.

During a downtime period, triggering or recovering monitors over the selected tag will not generate events and notifications. For multi-alerts, only matching tags in downtime mode will be silenced, and other scopes will alert normally.

For example, during scheduled downtime over host:X, if a multi-alert grouped by host triggered on both host:X and host:Y, Datadog would generate a monitor notification for host:Y, but not host:X

APINote that there's also an API endpoint dedicated to Downtime, so you can use this reference here to do so.


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