Requirements for the IIS integration

In order for our IIS check to work, the Win32_PerfFormattedData_W3SVC_WebService WMI class must be present on your machine. You can check for this using the following command:

Get-WmiObject -List -Namespace root\cimv2 | select -Property name | where name -like "*Win32_PerfFormattedData_W3SVC*"

This class should be installed as part of the web-http-common Windows Feature:

PS C:\Users\vagrant> Get-WindowsFeature web-* | where installstate -eq installed | ft -AutoSize

Display Name                       Name               Install State
------------                       ----               -------------
[X] Web Server (IIS)               Web-Server             Installed
    [X] Web Server                 Web-WebServer          Installed
        [X] Common HTTP Features   Web-Common-Http        Installed
            [X] Default Document   Web-Default-Doc        Installed
            [X] Directory Browsing Web-Dir-Browsing       Installed
            [X] HTTP Errors        Web-Http-Errors        Installed
            [X] Static Content     Web-Static-Content     Installed

You can add the missing features with install-windowsfeature web-common-http, this will require a restart of the system to work properly.

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