Datadog User Permissions and Account Creation

Within a Datadog account, all users listed will have full access to all dashboards, graphs, and alerts (to see who that is, go to your Team Page).
We do have the ability to log changes, so that an event is generated within Datadog any time an individual makes a change to a monitor or dashboard it is recorded.
If you have users or vendors that you would like to see a specific subset of data, but not have permission to edit any items, we recommend using a shared screenboard (this is live and read-only). These shared boards can also be restricted to an IP whitelist if needed.
We also have the ability to set up multi-accounts. This allows a single Datadog user to switch among accounts, or for admins to create a new account. While the user can switch among accounts, all data and objects created within a given account are fully contained there. 
For managing accounts programmatically, please see here. We are able to bill multi-accounts all together or individually. Please reach out to your Account Manager and to enable multi-accounts for your organization. 
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