Deploying the Agent on RaspberryPI



(This guide assumes you are using raspbian)

  1. Begin with the update of your local cache

    sudo apt-get update

  2. Then install “sysstat”.

    sudo apt-get install sysstat

  3. Navigate to the Agent Install Screen in the Datadog Application and select “from source”

Agent Install Screen

  1. Execute the installation command.

    DD_API_KEY=<YOUR-API-KEY> sh -c "$(curl -L"

If installed correctly you should see an output that looks like:


The agent will run in the foreground. Some users may find benefit in creating an RC script for it or putting it into the /etc/rc.local like this:

nohup sh /root/.datadog-agent/bin/agent &

You should now see metrics being ingested from your RasberryPI device:


Thank you to Karim Vaes for the excellent blog post!

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