How do I see the number of hosts I'm monitoring?

This gist is an API post that will create a new ScreenBoard in Datadog with three widgets:

  1. Number of Datadog Agents reporting (timeseries, past week)
  2. Number of EC2 hosts reporting (timeseries, past week)
  3. New hosts running the Agent (event stream, past week)

For setup, simply:

  1. Put in your API and application keys in lines 1,2 and 79
  2. Datadog API/app keys can be found in your account here

Note: as currently set up, this ScreenBoard does not include hosts from GCE, Azure, docker, vSphere or other integrations - only the Datadog Agent and EC2. Adjust as needed for your environment.

Disclaimer: This should not be used for billing purposes, this is only a convenient option to count active instances and is not necessarily reflective of your invoice.

If you're a customer and need detailed billing information, please reach directly to your Customer Success Manager or email




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