How do I pull my EC2 tags without using the AWS integration ?

In order to pull AWS tags for an EC2 instance through the datadog agent follow these steps:

  1. Create a IAM role for the instance using this documentation
  2. For the policy section, specify the following permissions:  "ec2:Describe*", "ec2:Get*"
  3. In datadog.conf set collect_ec2_tags: true
  4. Optional: add the security-groups tag by enabling this option
  5. Restart the agent

Disclaimer: this will only collect the following tags:

'instance-id', 'hostname', 'local-hostname', 'public-hostname', 'ami-id', 'local-ipv4', 'public-keys/', 'public-ipv4', 'reservation-id', 'security-groups'. 

It does not collect:

region, availability-zone or instance-type


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