How to Transform a Timeboard to a Screenboard or vice versa

To transform a TimeBoard to a ScreenBoard you can use the script here.

NOTE: This script was written in Python 2.7. Version 3 changed the way the print function works and you may see errors thrown surrounding this if you're on a version > 2.7

The usage is very simple, you provide the ID of the dashboard you want to convert, and the output will be the URL of the converted dashboard.

This relies on the API get and post methods for TimeBoards and ScreenBoards

First, retrieve the ID of the dashboard, you can find it in the URL of the dashboard

Here the ID is 66234.

Once you have the ID use the script as follows:

python dashboard_ID 

This will automatically detect if you listed a Screenboard or a Timeboard and convert it to the other one.

Note: As the widgets available on both dashboards are different you have a list of widgets which will not be converted, this list includes:


Because the Screenboards' widgets have individual time windows, when converting a Timeboard to a Screenboard, all the widgets will be set to 4h. This can be changed with the variable timeframe. Additionally, the size of the widgets is set to the default size, you can modify this with the variables height and width.

You have to enter your API and APP keys in the script for it to work.

A concrete use case for this is to transform this:




Or with the following:

transform this 


 to this


Then, you will be given the option to delete the original dashboard.

Note: If you clone an out of the box dashboard, certain widgets might have an old payload which will not comply with the code. You will see a warning in the output of the script and the outdated widget will not be converted.
If you want to get around this, just open the outdated widget (the title will be given in the warning) and save it (no need to modify anything).
Then run the script again. Even if you had several warnings, updating one of the outdated widgets should be enough for all.
If you see this warning, and wish to convert the whole dashboard, do not delete it right away, make sure it is properly up to date first.

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