Why won't my monitor trigger when the Agent does not report ?

In some cases, Host Monitor will get muted if the Host is manually stopped. 

How can I see that ?

Without explicitly muting a monitor, stopping the Agent / a Host will look something similar to this :


Why is this Happening ? 

  • The servers are hosted in AWS
  • They have the Agent installed on them 
  • The AWS integration is set up, even if that specific host is part of the excluded hosts from the Optionally Limit Metrics Collection scope (see the article on the Exclusion Tags and AWS billing for more detail on this.)
  • The EC2 automuting box is checked 



What if I want to be alerted when the Agent stops reporting on such hosts ? 

For the servers that are out of the AWS scope but are still hosted in AWS, we can cancel that EC2 automuting upon request to support@datadoghq.com

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