Does Datadog support AWS ALB (Application Load Balancer)?


Yes! Our AWS integration was updated in August 2016 to support the new Application Load Balancer metrics published by AWS CloudWatch.

In July 2017, we added a dedicated namespace aws.applicationelb for these metrics. We used to report both classic ELBs and Application Load Balancers (ALBs) under the same namespace (aws.elb), but there are now 2 separate namespaces:

Classic ELBs have their metrics reported in Datadog under the namespace "aws.elb".

Application Load Balancers (ALBs) have their metrics reported in Datadog under the namespace "aws.applicationelb".

For instance, "aws.applicationelb.active_connection_count" is the Datadog metric name corresponding to the Cloudwatch metric (ALB only) named "ActiveConnectionCount".




Note that former ALB metrics that were reporting under the aws.elb namespace may still be present in this namespace as deprecated metrics.

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