How to add @here when sending notifications to Slack or Hipchat

To notify everyone in a Slack channel: 

To notify everyone in a Slack channel when you send monitor notifications to that channel, you can add <!here> in the monitor message editor and it will be populated to @here in Slack. 

Other variables you can use are: 

  • <!channel> ->@channel 
  • <!everyone> ->@everyone
  • <@username> -> @username

For user groups, use <!subteam^GROUP_ID|GROUP_NAME>. To find the GROUP_IDquery the usergroups.list API endpoint of Slack. For example, for a user group named "testers" you would use the following syntax:


To notify everyone in a Hipchat room: 

To notify everyone in a Hipchat room when you send monitor notifications to that room, you can add @here in the monitor message editor. 

Note @all mention is also supported by Hipchat. However, we recommend you to only use @here here since in Datadog monitor, if you add @all in the message editor, the monitor will send a notification to all members of your organization. 

To get notified by @here mention, Hipchat users need to set Room notifications to Normal level. 


You can read here about how to send monitor notifications to Slack and Hipchat services. 

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