How does the usage details page help me understand my monthly usage?

Q: How do I access the Usage Details page to view how my usage is trending?

A: Admin users can access this page by navigating to 'Plan & Usage,' then 'Usage,' as seen below. (Only available to paying customers)


Q: How does the Usage Details page help me?

A: The Usage Details page serves two purposes:

  1. Provides transparency into your overall hourly usage for the current and previous month
  2. Insights into your top 500 custom metrics (Avg./hour & Max./hour)

Q: What data can I gain access to on the usage details page?

A: There are three tables you can access on this page. The top visualization is a table containing two tabs that will display either ‘Hourly Usage’ or 'Infastructure Host Types'. The bottom visualization is a table that will give more specific information on custom metric usage. The explanations for these different tables/visualizations are explained below:

  • APM Hosts: Shows the total number of hosts using APM during the hour.
  • Infra. Hosts: Shows the total number of infrastructure hosts reporting during a given hour. This is the sum of all Agent hosts, APM hosts, AWS/GCP/Azure hosts (if applicable)  per hour
  • Containers: Shows the total number of containers reporting via the Docker integration during the hour.
  • Custom Metrics: Shows the total number of custom metrics per hour. For an explanation of how we define a custom metric, please see our custom metrics article.


In the ‘Top 500 Custom Metrics’ table, we provide 2 columns - average custom metrics per hour and max. custom metrics per hour. This table shows data for the current month up to 3 days ago. 


Finally, it is worth noting that you can also download all of these reports by clicking the ‘Download as CSV’ link in the upper right corner. 


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