How will an AWS Integration impact my monthly billing? Can I setup exclusions using tags?

We bill for all hosts running the Agent as well as for all EC2 instances picked up by the AWS integration. You will not get billed twice if you are running the Agent on an EC2 instance picked up by the AWS integration.

Other AWS resources (e.g. ELB, EBS, RDS, Dynamo) are not currently part of monthly billing and will not be affected by configured exclusions. Note that this may change in the future.

If you would like to control what metrics you are aggregating via AWS integration, select ‘limit metric collection for all accounts’ in the AWS Integration tile and customize accordingly.

This can be set within the AWS Accounts section of the tile's configuration tab, click the gray button for either an existing account or new account:

Note that if you've enabled this feature after having already configured the AWS integration the previously discovered instances will continue to appear within the Infrastructure List. During this period of transition, the EC2 instances will have a status of `???` for approximately three hours until they eventually age out - this will not count towards your billing.

Also, hosts running an agent will continue to appear and be included in billing - using the exclusion option is only applicable to EC2 instances without an agent. 

You can tune the services that you are pulling with the Namespace rule option, which will let you specify which service is crawled from which account:


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