Choose graph line colors

Do you have more than one line on a graph?

Datadog offers various color palette options to differentiate metrics displayed on the same graph:

  • The ‘Classic’ palette, the color order is always the same: ‘light blue’, ‘dark blue’, ‘light purple’, ‘purple’, ‘light yellow’, ‘yellow’. Then again ‘light blue’, 'dark blue' etc. So you can have the same color twice on your graph.

  • Other palettes are gradient palettes. Here is an example of one metric broke down by the tag availability zone.


Tip: If you have a few metrics and you want to pick specific colors for them, you can put them on different palettes:

On the image above, system.mem.used and system.mem.shared are on the same palette ('Classic'). Thus they receive the classic palette colors in order (ligth blue then dark blue).

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