Send metrics and events using dogstatsd and the shell

Dogstatsd is Datadog's extension to the statsd protocol written by Etsy. It's a very efficient way for your applications to send metrics and events to Datadog, via an agent acting as a proxy on the network.

Even though Datadog and the Community provide many libraries that implement Dogstatsd, you might want to leverage tools that are native to your operating system. Fortunately you can use Bash and Powershell to do the job!

For Linux and other Unix-like OS, we'll just need Bash. For Windows we'll need Powershell and powershell-statsd, a simple Powershell function that will take care of the network bits for us.

The idea behind Dogstatsd is simple: create a message that will contain information about your metric/event, and send it to a collector over UDP on port 8125. The message format can be found here.

Sending metrics

The format for sending metrics is|type|@sample_rate|#tag1:value,tag2, so let's go ahead and send datapoints for a gauge metric called custom_metric with the shell tag. We'll use a locally installed agent as a collector, so the destination IP address is

On Linux:

vagrant@vagrant-ubuntu-14-04:~$ echo -n "custom_metric:60|g|#shell" >/dev/udp/localhost/8125

Note that you can use this method to send data to an arbitrary address, e.g. /dev/udp/

On Windows:

PS C:\vagrant> .\send-statsd.ps1 "custom_metric:123|g|#shell"
PS C:\vagrant>

On any platform with Python (on Windows, the agent's embedded Python interpreter can be used, which is located at "C:\Program Files\Datadog\Datadog Agent\embedded\python.exe"):

import socket
sock = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_DGRAM) # UDP
sock.sendto("custom_metric:60|g|#shell", ("localhost", 8125))


$ echo -n "custom_metric:60|g|#shell" | nc -4u -w0 localhost 8125

Sending events

The format for sending events is _e{title.length,text.length}:title|text|d:date_happened|h:hostname|p:priority|t:alert_type|#tag1,tag2. Here we need to calculate the size of the event's title and body.

On Linux:

vagrant@vagrant-ubuntu-14-04:~$ title="Event from the shell"
vagrant@vagrant-ubuntu-14-04:~$ text="This was sent from Bash!"
vagrant@vagrant-ubuntu-14-04:~$ echo "_e{${#title},${#text}}:$title|$text|#shell,bash"  >/dev/udp/localhost/8125

On Windows:

PS C:\vagrant> $title = "Event from the shell"
PS C:\vagrant> $text = "This was sent from Powershell!"
PS C:\vagrant> .\send-statsd.ps1 "_e{$($title.length),$($text.Length)}:$title|$text|#shell,powershell"
PS C:\vagrant>
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