How will an Azure integration impact my monthly billing?

As of September 1, 2018, we will be billing for all Azure Virtual Machines being monitored in Datadog. These machines will be billable regardless if the Datadog agent is installed. Please note you will not be charged twice if you are running the Agent on an Azure Virtual machine that is also picked up by the Azure Integration. We will be billing for September usage but you will not receive this Invoice or charge until October. This change will not have any impact on your August usage that you will be billed for in September.

Other Azure resources (e.g. Azure SQL, Azure App Services, Azure Redis Cache) are not currently part of monthly billing. Note that this may change in the future.

If you would like to control which Azure Virtual Machines are being monitored in Datadog, go the the Azure Integration tile add tag filters in the Optionally filter to VMs with tag section.

This comma separated list of tags (in the form 'key:value') defines a filter that we will use when collecting metrics from Azure VMs. Wildcards, such as '?' (for single characters) and '*' (for multiple characters) can also be used. Only VMs that match one of the defined tags will be imported into Datadog. The rest will be ignored.

VMs matching a given tag can also be excluded by adding '!' before the tag. e.x. datadog:monitored,env:production,!env:staging,instance-type:c1.*

Please reach out to if you are having trouble with this. 



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