Proxy for logs collection with NGINX

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    Simon Guerrier

    There is also another workaround I saw in a trello ticket:

    You can use a workaround using another agent installed on your proxy server.
    In the Internet-facing agent (the one on the proxy server), you would need the following in the config file your_service.d/conf.yaml

    - type: tcp
    port: 10516
    service: service_name
    source: source_name
    - type: mask_sequences
    name: mask_apikey
    replace_placeholder: "[apikey]"
    ## redact the API key
    pattern: (?:^\w+)

    In the internal agent, you would need the following in the config file /etc/datadog-agent/datadog.yaml to forward logs to the proxy server agent:

      dd_url: myProxyServer.myDomain
      dd_port: 10516
      dev_mode_no_ssl: true
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