How do you compute Log Management overages and how does it impact my bill ?

With Datadog Log management, you need to define a monthly commitment on indexed log events.

However during troubling times the number of logs can spike and you may go above your commitment. As it is important to keep visibility on your infrastructure health during those moment, you are not limited if you reach your monthly commitment.

Note that if you over-generate log events for 1 day it won't necessarily be very impactful on your monthly bill. Indeed, as the commitment is monthly, if your average day is close to expectations for your commitment, or even a little below, that will re-equilibrate the final consumption.

At the end of the month, we compute the total number of log events that have been indexed:

- If you are below commitment: your bill stays the same
- If you over-consume: we subtract the committed amount, and only the excess - called overages - is charged with a 50% premium.


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